[EN] Nico Elgstrand – Entombed A.D.

Nico / Entombed A.D. / WOA 2016

Next up I had the chance to interview Nico Elgstrand (Entombed A.D.). Ever since I heard their first album I have been a huge Entombed fan. I spent years and years trying to replicate their guitar sound on Left Hand Path and Clandestine. So of course we talked about the legendary distortion pedal that single-handedly defined an entire genre (Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal).

We also talked about his production philosophy in general.  I wasn’t even aware that he has produced several great metal albums. Bad preparation on my part :)

The conversation is featured in full length, uncut.

Thanks to Nico, Guilherme for their time and Entombed A.D. management for their support.


P.S.: Because Guilherme (the other guitar player / tour manager / whatelse?) “knew someone”, we got the chance to do the interview in the Gibson bus. Nice :) So thanks to Gibson as well for that.


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“Blick ins Buch”

…beim großen A funktioniert noch nicht jetzt schon :)

HIER geht’s zum “Blick ins Buch” bei Libreka.

Folgende Themen werden u.a. im Buch behandelt:
Aufbau / Abbau, Bass, Drums / Schlagzeug, Dynamik, Effekte, Feedback / Rückkopplung, Gehörbildung, Gitarren, Kabel, Kommunikation, Kompressor / Limiter, live mischen, Monitore, Signalfluss / Routing / Patching, Vocals / Gesang